Top 7 Best Kodi Builds For Sports

Top 7 Best Kodi Builds For Sports

Kodi builds to make it simple for you to customize the software to your tastes and preferences. Kodi is very customizable. Apart from kodi builds here will also explain some of the best kodi builds for sports. These builds enable you to configure the media player with just one installation because they are packed with the best add-ons and skins. Due to the fact that the programming is usually live and not recorded, Kodi sports add-ons frequently perform less well than many other add-ons.

Depending on how well kept the add-on is, live feeds for Kodi can be hit or miss. Links to sports add-ons occasionally disappear, which is unfortunate if you rely on that particular add-on. In case you want to use some of the best Kodi builds for sports that are currently working, then this guide is for you.

Best Sports Add-ons for Kodi’s

Area 51 IPTV Kodi Build

Area 51 IPTV

Area 51 IPTV may surprise you, as it is one of the best Kodi build for sports. Area 51 is a premium, stable sports add-on that offers select high-quality sports streams, whereas the majority of sports add-ons are currently dead or unstable. You may watch a huge selection of live TV stations for just $5 each month.

Titanium Kodi BuildTitanium Build

As one of the most well-known Kodi builds currently available, the Titanium kodi build is ranked among the top builds because of its huge access to the sports library and free content. This robust build provides solid features, add-ons, and one of the nicest user interfaces available. Sports Devil and Sports Hub add-ons, which provide excellent live sports, are included in the build, which will excite sports fans.

These include European football, the NBA, NFL, MLB, and Formula 1. Additionally, you can use your sports subscription with the build’s paid IPTV services.

Mad Titan Sports Kodi BuildMad Titan Sports

The Kodi sports add-on Mad Titan Sports can be found in the Magnetic repository. There are numerous categories in it, including ones for the NCAAF, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, wrestling events, and more.

The Crew Kodi BuildThe Crew

The Crew offers a sports and IPTV area but is most recognized for its links to movies and TV shows. There are sections for IPTV, the NHL, the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, the NCAA football and basketball teams, the UFC / MMA, the WWE, tennis, boxing, FIFA, Moto-GP, Formula 1, cricket, NASCAR, miscellaneous sports, and more.

Misfits Mods Lite Kodi BuildMisfits Mods Lite

Look no further if you want a lightweight Kodi to install with dependable live sports. All Kodi devices, including Firestick, function flawlessly with Misfits Mods’ outstanding performance. Sports additions like ESPN, Sports Devil, Swift Streams, and BoB Unleashed are available in Misfit Mods Lite. A current TV guide is also available to you, ensuring that you never miss a game.

HD Sports Kodi BuildHD Sports

The Kodi sports add-on Sport HD may be found in the Bugatsinho Repository. Live Events, Sports, Best Leagues, Settings, and more are available on the main menu. There is a green dot next to the games that are available, and clicking it will reveal a number of links. It collects feeds from websites like SportHD and others and presents them in a lengthy list for users to select from.

Rising Tides Kodi BuildRising Tides

Rising Tides is a Kodi add-on for live sports and IPTV/PPV that functions with Kodi 19 Matrix. It has areas for live sporting events like football and PPV broadcasts. You get several functional links to various streaming content for sports.

Use VPN For Kodi Builds

Even though Kodi is free and allowed to be used, certain of its add-ons and usage is illegal. It can be difficult to distinguish between sports content that is free to broadcast and that is not while utilizing third-party add-ons. Fortunately, utilizing Kodi while maintaining your anonymity requires a VPN.

By hiding your real IP address with a VPN, you can appear to be browsing from a region where the content is accessible. You may watch live sports events from any location in the world by avoiding geo-restrictions and using a VPN for that purpose.


To stay secure, we suggest using ExpressVPN for Kodi services. You can connect consistently to any location, and you are in charge thanks to the worldwide network of fast servers spread over 94 nations. It’s not necessary to be exposed when using the internet, which is why this VPN keeps you covered. We recommend using this VPN as a priority so that you can have a lag-free and error-free streaming experience for any of the Kodi build.


This guide explains what are the best Kodi build for sports, and we have discussed how you can securely use the VPN service to stream free content over the web. In case you want more info, check our website homepage.

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