How To Install Element Reborn Kodi Build – Step By Step Guide

How To Install Element Reborn Kodi Build

Notice: Element Reborn is not available anymore!
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The most well-known media center application on the market right now is, without a doubt, Kodi. You can stream movies, TV programs, and your preferred entertainment content using the Best Kodi Builds like Element Reborn Kodi Build. Kodi builds are always beneficial to add something more to the extra. They offer some new content and provide access to better data and an enhanced experience for the user.

The program is completely free and does not contain obtrusive adverts because it is subject to an open-source license. A fantastic Kodi build, Element runs well on Kodi 19 Matrix. Users are guaranteed to obtain reliable Streaming Links when viewing content thanks to Real-Debrid integration and more. Remember that by installing a repository, you will have the opportunity to select other streaming add-ons for your pleasure in addition to the add-ons that are currently loaded. 

What is Element Reborn Kodi Build?

Element Reborn Kodi Build
Element Reborn Kodi Build

Element Reborn Kodi Build is a brand-new Kodi build with a ton of features, Elements Reborn works well, looks good, and doesn’t take up a lot of room. There are several areas in the Element Reborn Kodi build, including Movies, Sports, Live, Free, TV, Kids, Trakt, Wizard, and Addons.

How to Install Element Reborn Kodi Build

Here are the steps to get Element Reborn working on Kodi.

  • Open Kodi and visit Settings.

Go to setting

  • Choose System. Turn on Unknown Sources by selecting the Add-ons option.

turn on unknown soruces

  • When the popup displays, click Yes.

step 3. click yes

  • Get to File Manager, and then choose Add Source.

step 4. go back to file manager

  • Click the “None” option in the window that will appear. Then enter the following URL and press OK:

step 5. enter url

  • Choose the cman URL and choose OK. Return to the system menu and choose Add-ons after that.

step 6. select addon

  • To install using a zip file, you have to make use of it. Tap the Yes button when a box appears.

step 7. select yes

  • Choose cman or any other name you have provided. Select a repository like

step 8. select repository

  • Wait for the addon to install for a while. An icon will then show up on the top menu.

step 9

  • Install from Repository can be tapped. Then, from the list, pick the cMaN Wizard Repository.

step 10. select cman repositiory

  • Pick Program Add-ons from the cMaN Wizard 19 button.

step 11. click cman wizard

  • Select “Install” from the menu. cMaN Wizard 19 installation notification will appear; wait for it.

step 12

  • Click the Continue button when the Installed message appears. Press the Close button.

step 12. click close button

  • Return to the Kodi main page and choose Addon by scrolling down.
  • Choose cMaN Wizard 19 from the list of program add-ons. Choose Builds.

step 14. select builds

  • Select Element Reborn by scrolling down.

step 15. select element

  • Then select Fresh Install. Simply press the Yes button.

step 16. select yes

  • Hold off while the build downloads. Choose the OK option.

step 17. select ok

  • Reopen Kodi on your device. All done! Element Reborn Kodi Build has been successfully installed.

step 18. All done


What Do You Get With Element Reborn?


Box office, Academy Award winners, genres, popular voting years, new films playing in theaters, IMDb Popular decades, languages, certifications, and Keyword Search. People constantly search through user lists such as “my films,” “movies collection,” “television programs collection,” “new films watchlist,” and “TV shows watchlist” based on previously seen television programs, TV series that are now showing, and popular films.

Television Programs:

Genres, network, language, certifications, viewership, most-watched, most-rated, most-voted television program, now airing, new television program, new episode, television calendar, my television program, and viewer search and search.

Section for Sports:

You will have access to Sports football, basketball, UFC, wrestling, motorsports, handball, rugby, live events, top leagues, NFL, hockey, volleyball, darts, tennis, boxing, cricket, baseball, snooker, and chess, settings, version 0.1.7.

Is It Safe And Appropriate To Use Element Reborn?

Element Reborn is a useful and reliable Kodi Build that can help any person to have entertainment in several ways. This indicates that downloading the cMaN repository is necessary in order to install the build. Although the repository itself is legitimate, we are unable to confirm the legality of the addons that are included with Element Reborn. Additionally, you must allow the installation of unknown sources in Kodi in order to install Element Reborn.

We usually advise utilizing a VPN while using a Kodi build because of the addons’ unreliable nature and what they do with your information. 

What are Element Reborn Kodi Build’s Features?

  • Standard layout that is simple to change or modify.
  • Firestick doesn’t require a mouse to toggle due to an intelligent search bar.
  • Well-structured divisions and subsections.
  • Scrapes streaming URLs in High Definition video quality.
  • The skin and theme for AEON NOX Matrix. You may also download additional skins and themes as you choose.
  • Regular build updates with the addition of the newest films, TV series, live tv, and more.


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