List OF Best Kodi Builds For Firestick 4K – Complete Guide

List OF Best Kodi Builds For Firestick 4K - Complete Guide

The best option to get specialized skins and personalized settings without doing the laborious effort yourself is through Kodi builds. The best Kodi builds for Firestick 4K listed in the article will give you a totally distinctive Kodi experience.

The robust add-on ecosystem of the Kodi media player significantly improves this high-powered but otherwise basic media player. So, this article will help you spice things up by using the best Kodi builds for Firestick 4K.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider build is currently one of the biggest and most complete builds available from the Maverick Repository. It provides over 90 one-at-a-time additions. From films to TV series, documentaries, and live-streamed material.

The Tomb Raider builder’s home screen doesn’t look all that different from the normal Kodi interface design, so it will work for those who are just accustomed to that version of Kodi.

The Tomb Raider Build is incredibly basic; it does not have any fancy or needlessly complicated features. It performs just as one would expect of a Kodi build. The Magic Dragon, Maverick TV, Supremacy Sports, and Exodus Redux are just a few of the add-ons that are available in this build and deliver virtually any content you may want to view. You can also search for the best Kodi add-ons for getting other amazing add-ons as well.

No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic Build

The Kodi No Limits Build is available in a variety of flavors. The download size may differ depending on the version you select because you can install either the Lite or Full version of the build.

Kodi No Limits Build allows you to install on top of your existing build rather than erasing or removing already-installed add-ons as some other builds do. However, keep in mind that doing a fresh install is a good idea because installing a build on top of another build could sometimes cause an installation issue.

TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Live TV, and other categories are all included inside. You can download and install the Aeon Nox Silvo skin from Silvo Kodi Build independently from the developer to use with Kodi No Limits Magic. Installing the skin rather than the build is advised if all you want is that awesome Kodi skin without having to go through the hassle of removing unneeded add-ons.



The DoomzDay Builds Wizard offers a comprehensive selection of Kodi-compatible hardware. On devices with less RAM, some lightweight builds (like the Nova TV build) operate without any issues. They are ideal for Android TV boxes and FireSticks.

These builds enable you to stream all of your favorite material because they include a variety of well-known Kodi add-ons.

Misfit Mods Lite

Misfit Mods Lite

The current best Kodi build, Misfit Mods Lite, contains just entertainment-related content. Due to its regular updates, lightweight design, appealing appearance, excellent content, and a few high-quality add-ons, this build has amassed a sizable fan base and increased in popularity. Made with the sole purpose of offering everything in one design, they received more positive feedback from consumers and experts than they had anticipated after observing the trend.

They realized their error and released the Lite build after discovering that their earlier Misfit Mod build was too large and causing freezing problems for users of small devices. This premium-looking lightweight design complements Firestick and other portable gadgets perfectly. Content of every kind is available, including movies, TV shows, music, and live television. Try this incredible Misfits Mods Kodi Build without any reservations.

Kodi Collusion

Kodi Collusion

One of the greatest lightweights builds for Kodi is called Collusion. Similar to previous top builds, Kodi Collusion provides a tonne of pre-added add-ons for use in addition to Live TV Streaming. The navigation is quick and simple to use because of the build’s appealing layout and many categories.

Also included in Kodi Collusion are some of the best, most well-liked add-ons that are hard to find in other builds, including Placenta, Youtube, Supremacy, and Rising Tides. If a later update is introduced, the build will begin with an update running in the background. Don’t bother searching online because you will discover pin-related instructions on the build.


Plutonium build

The extensive collection of builds from EzzerMac’s Wizard includes the Plutonium build. This Wizard offers a huge selection of internal builds and lists third-party builds created by other developers. Without a doubt, Plutonium is among the best Kodi builds available.

There’s a significant possibility Plutonium will appeal to you if you appreciate bright, flashy themes. However, it goes beyond the graphics alone.

The download size of Plutonium is only about 150 MB. Therefore, it provides excellent performance across all platforms, even FireStick, which is a media player with minimal specifications. Due to its small size, the construction has few features. However, it takes care of everything and makes sure you never run out of streaming entertainment.

You should distinguish this build from another similar build, Titanium Kodi Build.

Blue Twilight

Blue Twilight

Thanks to its simple layout, well-organized tabs, and the drop-down information panel that appears anytime you hover over a title, this prototype almost passes for a video-on-demand service. Of course, you can alter the display to change the colors or rearrange particular elements if you’d like.

A few add-ons that violate copyright will need to be removed, however, on the good side, this build may be put over another, allowing you to preserve all of your current add-ons.


This article has guided you about the seven best Kodi builds that you can use for Firestick 4K. The builds listed in the article are all compatible to be used for Firestick 4K.


What Is The Greatest And Most Widely Used Kodi Build?

The most popular Kodi build at the moment is definitely Misfit Mods Lite. Doomzday is also regarded as the best, in addition.

Both of these versions are excellently made and provide a wonderful Kodi experience. Additionally, they have a number of pre-installed Kodi add-ons to help you get going right away.

What Risks Are There While Utilising A Kodi Build?

Some builds have a history of transferring viruses to your device. The common builds, however, are generally secure. No violations have been reported for the listed builds in the article.

Kodi Builds Are They Legal?

There is always the chance of getting involved in legal wrangling if you stream anything that is protected by copyright. The usage of a good VPN is recommended.

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