How To Install DaButcher Kodi Build – Step By Step Guide

How To Install DaButcher Kodi Build - Step By Step Guide

Since 2002, Kodi has been accessible. It had the moniker “Xbox Media Player.” The name was modified to Xbox Media Center in 2003, though, and remained in use till the autumn of 2014. Since Kodi entered the streaming market, many people have been cracking codes. Additionally, Kodi enables you to download games and apps and exchange data with others. Here in this article, we will talk about how you can install and use DaButcher Kodi Build. So let’s get started!

What is DaButcher Kodi Build:What is DaButcher Kodi Build

The DaButcher Kodi build primarily emphasizes simplicity. You may utilize the build’s many addons to watch any type of material you like. The DaButcher wizard provides a Kodi build called DaButcher, which is provided by the same repository. You may discover every kind of Kodi build you want, from lightweight to feature-rich, among the wizard’s impressive selection of high-quality Kodi builds.

This implies that regardless of whether you own high-end or low-end equipment, you may find something you enjoy. These builds are made specifically for Kodi 18 Leia and may be loaded on any Kodi-compatible devices. All of the gadgets go through a similar installation process. How to install DaButcher Builds on Kodi is demonstrated below.

How to install DaButcher Kodi Build:

  • Start Kodi. Select the options icon in the upper-left corner of your screen by scrolling up from the home screen.

Select the options icon in the upper-left corner

  • Click on SYSTEM in the options menu by scrolling down to it.

Click on SYSTEM

  • Next, select addons from the system menu by scrolling down.

select addons

  • To activate unknown sources for your Kodi software, click on unknown sources on the addons menu’s right side, move your cursor to the warning dialog box that appears, and then choose YES.

choose YES.

  • Either the back or arrow buttons may be used to return to the home screen.
  • Scroll up on the home screen and click the settings button.
  • Scroll to file manager in the settings menu, then click it.

Scroll to file manager

  • Next, select the add source option by scrolling down the new dialog box that will display.

select the add source option

  • To access the media source URL, click on NONE after carefully typing, and then click OK.

click on NONE

  • Please double-check your URL entry to prevent typos.
  • Enter “DaButcher Kodi build” or something like that here and then click OK.

click OK

  • Press the back button to return to the home screen.
  • Scroll down and choose addons.

choose addons

  • Next, scroll up and choose the addon installer icon in the top-left corner of the new window that just appeared.

choose the addon installer icon

  • Scroll to “install from the zip file” and click it.

Scroll to "install from the zip file" and click it.

  • Then get down to the name of the add-on you just choose and click it after that.
  • To proceed with the installation procedure, pick the DaButcher Build zip file “” option after that.

pick the DaButcher Build zip file

  • Continue scrolling and selecting “install from repository.”

install from repository.

  • Click on the “maze repository” link in the new window that will emerge.
  • After that, select the program extensions.
  • Then choose DaOnlyWizard.

Then choose DaOnlyWizard

  • Now select “install” from the menu.

Now select "install" from the menu

  • Watch the upper right corner of your screen for the indication that an addon has been installed.

addon has been installed.

  • When the pop-up window appears, click Dismiss, and then click Continue to continue.

click Dismiss

  • Next, choose “create menu” from the pop-up menu that will display.
  • Click the DaLight build next.

Click the DaLight build next

  • Scroll to fresh install next, then click it.

Scroll to fresh install next

  • To accept, select YES.
  • You will then have to wait until the build downloads and is installed. Click on force shut when the installation has been successful.

wait until the build downloads

  • The Maze Build will then be ready when you restart your Kodi software.

restart your Kodi software

Third-party Kodi addons are often pre-loaded in Kodi builds like DaButcher. Many links are offered by these add-ons, some of which offer illegal content. Most nations forbid the ingestion of such, and you can receive a stop and desist letter or DMCA notice as a result. You must use a VPN to stream anonymously and encrypt your activity in order to prevent this.

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This discussion explained DaButcher Kodi’s build and how to install it correctly on Kodi devices. The steps are simple, and they have been discussed so that you can get the benefit. The bulk of the third-party addons in the DaButcher Kodi Build does not hold the rights to the material they offer. However, using ExpressVPN for protection is advised. 

Additionally, there is another source like IPVanish that provides a yearly promotion, so get a membership to take advantage of all they have to offer. If you need help on more topics like No Limits Magic Kodi build, then visit our site. 

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