How to Install Misfit Mods Kodi Build – Step By Step Guide

How to Install Misfit Mods Kodi Build - Step By Step Guide

Choosing the best Kodi build might be challenging because of the constant stream of new builds that appear online. A Kodi version called build gives you a straightforward and user-friendly media experience. Everything you require is pre-installed and available for you with Misfit Mod. Because of its minimal weight and speed, Misfit Mod Kodi Build works well with most devices, notably Amazon Firestick. Here we will cover everything about this build, So let’s get started!

What is Misfit Mods Kodi Build?What is Misfit Mods Kodi Build?

Misfit Mod is another Kodi build which offers a variety of alternatives from its own Misfit repository, including the original build (500+ MB), the light version, and one tailored for ladies. This gives it a lot of adaptability. Some are simple to toss aside because they are too heavy, too sluggish, or simply incompatible with your preferred add-on. 

How to Install Misfit Mod Kodi Build:

Same like the element reborn Kodi build you must enable the unknown sources setting before installing Misfit Mods Kodi build since it is a third-party application. To get going and download Misfit Mods Kodi build, you need to follow these steps.

  • First, select System from the Settings menu. Select Addons.
  • Switch on Unknown Sources. After completing the aforementioned procedures, install the Misfit Mods Kodi build by following the instructions below.

Switch on Unknown Sources

  • Open the Kodi app, then click the Settings icon.

click the Settings icon

  • Select File Manager. Double-click the Add Source menu item.

Select File Manager

  • Select None. Fill out the source field box with a URL, then touch OK.

Select None.

  • Give the media source a name, such as “Misfit,” and then press OK.

Give the media source a name, such as "Misfit,"

  • Use the keyboard or remote to return to the System Screen at this point.
  • Choose Addons. Select the zip file to install from.

Select the zip file to install from

  • Choose Misfit or another name you’ve given the media source now.

Choose Misfit

  • Pick the URL for the zip file.
  • Next, wait until the notice “misfit mods Repository Add-on installed” appears. “Install from repository” is the option.

"Install from repository" is the option.

  • Select the repository for Misfit modifications.

Select the repository for Misfit modifications

  • Then choose Extensions and then Misfit Mods Wizard.
  • Select Install, then wait until it installs.

Select Install, then wait until it installs

  • Click “Dismiss immediately.”
  • Press the Continue button once.

Press the Continue button once

  • Go to the Kodi main page now and select Addons. Select Program Add-Ons.

Select Program Add-Ons.

  • Then choose Misfit Mods Wizard and choose Builds. Select a person from among the builds.

choose Misfit Mods Wizard and choose Builds

  • After it is done, select Force Close.

select Force Close.

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Misfit Mods Kodi Build Benefits

TV programs and films

Misfit Mods boasts a big selection of movies and TV shows. With it, you can stream certain expensive TV shows and films that are often available only through subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Video Music

You won’t go back to YouTube or your previous methods of music video streaming once you get your hands on the Misfit Mods Kodi build. On both tiny and large displays, you may explore any music video of your choice! We always evaluate the sports channels first when choosing a cable TV package. You can view sports highlights, obtain live scores, and enjoy other sports entertainment options with the Misfit Mods on your Kodi device.

Live TV

Even those with the busiest schedules watch live television broadcasts. Some of the biggest US and UK channels have been added to The Misfit Mods. You’ll be able to browse and watch in high definition. You can navigate the channels with ease because of the user interface’s simplicity and organization.


  1. how do you install addons once Misfits Mods lite is installed on Kodi? I am attempting to add Scrubs V2 but have been unsuccessful.

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